Newest Shop Update 2024✨

Hello! 👋🏻 

We just launched our newest update January 15th, which also happens to be the first shop update of 2024! 
The products released include stickers and our first memo pad. Our new stickers are pride themed and they are so cute! They also have a holographic laminate, but each of them have a different holographic design! 
The memo pad that we just launched is a cat themed gradient place to take notes. It fades from a pink color to a light blue. There are also two cats on it, which you can see looking at the product photos.

List of new products:

•Stretching Cat Sticker (Broken Glass)

•Pronoun Cat Sticker (Stars/Flowers)

•Pride Flag Sticker Including Intersex and POC (Broken Glass)

•Gradient Cat Memo Pad


You can find them through our collection page:)

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