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Holographic Waterproof “PAWZ” Cat Sticker / Valentines Day Sticker 💌💗

Holographic Waterproof “PAWZ” Cat Sticker / Valentines Day Sticker 💌💗

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It’s officially February, meaning it’s also Valentines Day Month! This cute and sparkly sticker is  perfect as a gift for a loved one, or just to stick on a notebook or computer. It has a very pretty heart holographic laminate which also makes it waterproof, but I do not recommend putting on a water bottle that gets wet very often. 
This product contains 1 sticker! (not including freebies)
❤︎₊ ⊹ - Information:

This is an original sticker design of a cute kitten! Please do not repost or reupload my art, including my stickers and keychains. These are all illustrated, cut out, and laminated by hand. 


❤︎₊ ⊹ Size of the stickers:

They are roughly 3.5 inches tall, and 2 inches wide


❤︎₊ ⊹ Stickyness:

The are pretty sticky, and can stick onto practically everything. They do stick very hard onto things, so I recommend not to try to move them. They don’t rip very easily , but please don’t try to rip them apart, because they will break.

❤︎₊ ⊹ Are they waterproof?:

Yes, they are waterproof because they are laminated with self-laminating sheets, but they shouldn’t be put onto water bottles, or anything that regularly gets wet. Please don’t try to wash them in the dishwasher, because that will destroy them.


NOTE: The pictures featured are slightly edited to bring out the colors of the background, and to emphasize the sparkles! We do not falsely advertise any of our stickers or sticker sheets‼️


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